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Smart Cities Showcase @ Level 5

Experience the latest in Smart City technologies @

Transform your city by incorporating technologies such as Big Data, Cloud, Data Center, IoT, Security & Cyber-Security and more. Operators, governments and enterprises will be empowered with the information and the capabilities to tackle the challenges brought by urban development.

Be Part of the BUZZ! This dedicated zone will gather attendees who are keen to showcase and source for the various components that make a Smart City tick. Designed to be a hub for all things Smart Cities-related, the entire exhibition space at Level 5 will feature disruptive solutions that will build the ICT ecosystem of the future.

Technologies include:

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Activities include:

Knowledge-Intensive Smart Cities Tracks @CommunicaAsia2017 Summit

Panel Discussion: Moving Towards a Sustainable Holistic Vision: What It Takes to Make a Smart City?
  • Encapsulating the government’s vision in shaping a smart city
  • Managing the uphill challenge – What are the building blocks of smart cities?
  • Smart city is NOT a destination! It’s all about connecting all things in the urbanised ecosystem

Dr Er. Johnny Wong, Group Director, Building & Research Institute (BRI), Housing & Development Board (HDB)
Tan Kok Yam, Head, Smart Nation Programme Office, Singapore
Kunal Kumar, City Commissioner of Pune, Government of India

Moderator: Dr. Renato De Castro, Advisor – Leading Cities, World e-Governments Organisation of Cities & Local Governments

Global City Panel Discussion: Challenging the Next Frontier of Smart Urban Nodes
  • Discussing the political barriers to developing smart cities, what are the legal issues and
  • Ironing out practical procurement setbacks in city development initiatives to optimise and manage escalating project costs
  • Achieving citizen involvement and buy-in to bring sustainability in future cities
  • Grooming smart citizens: Identifying key socio-economic factors, cultures, mind-sets and vision for a vibrant city

Mikael Lindholm, Head of Asia Pacific, Telenor Connexion
Saibal D. Chowdhury, CEO and Co-Founder, Urbanetic
Carl Piva, VP Strategic Programs, TM Forum

Moderator: Gordon Falconer, Director Smart Cities, Schneider Electric

Realising Iskandar Malaysia's Vision through a Smart City Framework
  • What is Iskandar Malaysia’s Smart City Framework all about
  • Piecing building blocks of the Smart City Framework in support of the Iskandar Malaysia vision
  • Showcasing key smart city projects and challenges to learn from

Maimunah Jaffar, Head, Planning & Compliance, Iskandar Regional Development Authority

Fostering a Culture of Data Sharing and Analytics in the Interconnected City
  • Unlocking the power of open data platform: Deploying and interoperate services from smart cities
  • Deploying smart sensor networks: Harvesting accumulated data for various beneficial application domains
  • Maximising big data for effective analysis and utilisation within urbanising and developing nodes

Amos Tan, Director (Smart Nation Solutions and Applications), GovTech Singapore

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