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Press Releases

May 26, 2017Advancing Asia’s Digital Strategy and Roadmap at CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia 2017
May 23, 2017Smart Future Technologies on Display at CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia 2017
May 18, 2017Cyber-Security in Satellite Operations to be highlighted at SatComm2017
Apr 17, 2017Legal Impact of Data Protection and Management in the Digital Age
Apr 10, 2017Global Futurist to Deliver Keynote on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Large-Scale Industry Transformation
Feb 24, 2017Disruption and transformation represent key drivers to building ‘smarter’ cities
Feb 8, 2017Smart City: Disruptions and Predictions
Nov 28, 2016CommunicAsia and EnterpriseIT 2017 to Showcase Growing Ecosystem of Innovations for Asia’s Smart Cities
Jun 3, 2016New Content and Innovations Showcased at CommunicAsia2016, EnterpriseIT2016 and BroadcastAsia2016
May 31, 2016CommunicAsia2016, EnterpriseIT2016 and BroadcastAsia2016 Opens Today With a View of a Digital Future
May 27, 2016Regulation in Industry 4.0: The Key to Unlocking Value to Society
May 27, 2016Accelerate Digitization – Building a Better Connected World
May 20, 2016Unveiling Smart Technologies at CommunicAsia2016, EnterpriseIT2016 and BroadcastAsia2016
Mar 24, 2016Enterprise Security for our Mobile-first, Cloud-first World
Mar 17, 2016World Renowned Futurist to Confront What it Means to be Human in a Digitally Transformed World at CommunicAsia2016 and BroadcastAsia2016
Feb 16, 20162016 edition of CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia promises insights and solutions to enable digital transformation in Asia
Feb 12, 2016Digital enterprise transformation in 2016: accelerating the accelerated