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Speakers’ Interviews

Exclusive Interview with Amos Tan on how GovTech is enabling Smart Cities

Smart City is about raising the quality of life of the citizens; enabling safer, cleaner and greener urban living; providing more transport options, better care for elderly at home; and more responsive public service through the use of technology….

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Connecting with Joachim Horn – His Thoughts, Strategies and Future Plans for PLDT

I believe that we are in a very exciting time for our industry. There is still a lot of growth potential with data services, and we are not even close to have fully exploited the potential of LTE, although many people are already talking of 5G….

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Catching Up with Dirk Wolter, Managing Director Sp Sales – Mobile Network Technologies (APAC Region), Cisco Systems

I think in the short-term we will see Mobile SP business models continue to embrace OTT services. Another key opportunity is exposing more of the network intelligence and policy to manage user experience, for subscriber and ARPU up-lift, and ……

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Hear what Kireeti Kompella, CTO, JDI, Juniper Networks has to say…

In numerous cases, the rush to capitalize on IoT has led to the development and adoption of sub-par software, especially when it comes to defending itself and in the restriction of device access…..

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Getting Up Close with Professor Yu Chien Siang, Chief Innovation Officer, Certis Cisco

Enterprises will be more at risk as more and more of their networks become exposed due to introduction of such IoT devices, which has very little inherent security…

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Smart City: Disruptions and Predictions

By 2030, 70 percent of the world’s population will be concentrated in cities. Today, we are seeing large scale rural to urban migration with an estimated of 370,000 people forecasted to migrate daily between 2015 and 2020…

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