会见重要的卫星行商家和电信运营商/广播业者/重要企业,因为他们会齐聚 SatComm2017——亚洲规模最大的 卫星运营商集会。

Dive Deep & Learn from Industry Experts @ cmma2017summit

Covering the hottest issues:

  • Uncovering the LEO-GEO Link – Commercialisation of the 78-Satellite Constellation
  • The Satellite Market Outlook – Riding the Wave of Convergence and ICT Revolution
  • Satellite C-Suite Forum: Keeping the Promise of HTS and its Commercial Value
  • Seizing Growth Opportunities in the IoT and M2M Market – How will this Revamp the Role of the Satellite Industry?
  • A Reimagined Take Off: Aeronautical Applications and its Ongoing Evolution
  • How is IP and Hybrid Networks Changing the Satellite Industry of Tomorrow?

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参加 SatComm2016 的参展商包括:


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