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The Virtual Reality Cinema by & samhoud | media

23 – 25 May 2017
Time slots: Every 15 mins from 11am – 5.30pm

Although the world’s very 1st Virtual Reality Cinema opened its doors in the heart of Amsterdam, you will get the opportunity to experience it right @ CommunicAsia2017!

At the VR Cinema, you will get the opportunity to get acquainted with virtual reality and experience the finest selection of VR movies unfold around you in 360 degrees. Don the VR headset and explore exotic countries, animated landscapes and even restricted / forbidden locations.

Watch exclusive VR content at the The Virtual Reality Cinema by Samhoud at NXT@CommunicAsia! Choose from a movie selection in 4 different genres and you will be taken on a 15 minute exhilarating trip and transported out of the exhibition halls, as you indulge in a complete VR experience.

Movie List

Do Not Push The Red Button (Animation)
In this funny animation, a little red creature is presented a red button… When he pushes it, a rube goldberg machine is set in motion, that shows a chain reaction of falling, rolling and flying objects all around you.
Inside the Chambers of Horrors (Horror)
In this movie, you will find yourself sitting on a chair in a creepy looking laundry room. When you look around, you’ll find that there is another victim in the room, lying on the floor with blood stained clothes. While the light turns off and on, the other victim is being dragged away. Now, they are coming for you…
The Prospects (Sci-Fi)
In The Prospects, you travel through 4 different computer generated worlds that uncover the secrets of the world. The first world is symbolic for the hunger of humans for knowledge. The second world is a neutrino detector. The third world represents the DNA. The fourth and last world stands for the cosmos. “One significant motive for this endless pursuit is that we always hope that our deeper understanding of the natural world and ourselves will prepare us to find a new home in the vast Universe.”
Paper Dreams (Animation, Music Video)
Paper Dreams is a music video to the catchy song Paper Dreams by W.E.R.D. ft. Ysatis Hernandez. In different styles of animation, you’re being taken into several colourful worlds through the dreams of a man, falling asleep on his desk.
Born Into Exile (Documentary)
The film follows two pregnant Syrian refugee women, living in Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan, in the week leading up to the births of their babies. The film highlights the fact that 500 pregnant women and girls die daily in crisis situations because of complications in pregnancy and childbirth.