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Technology Tour

Join the daily technology-themed tours that will bring visitors around to key exhibitors featuring relevant products / services. Visit the booths of 5 exhibitors who will each give you a short 10 minute presentation on their technology-specific solutions.

Technology Tour Schedule

Time 23 May, Tues 24 May, Wed 25 May, Thur
11am – 12.30pm Satellite Tour by IRG Satellite Tour by IRG Satellite Tour by IRG
11am – 12.30pm Security in a Connected Society Digital Enterprise Transformation IoT Connectivity
1pm – 2.30pm IoT Connectivity Security in a Connected Society Disruptive Innovators
3pm – 4.30pm Disruptive Innovators IoT Connectivity Digital Enterprise Transformation

Online RSVP is closed. Please register on-site at the Technology Tour Counter, Level 5.

Tour 1: Security in a Connected Society

As devices become increasingly connected, secure connections for the transferring of data has become necessary. The Connected Society is characterised by the convergence of man and machine – blurring the line between cyberspace and the real world. Understand how these threats could affect you and your business, and the type of measures needed to safeguard against them.

Participating exhibitors include:

NAGRA Kudelski
Tour 2: Digital Enterprise Transformation

Based on IDC’s predictions, 60 percent of the APAC top 1000 enterprises will have digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy by 2017. As a competitive and agile business, it is imperative that one adopts forward-thinking approaches in order to tap on new opportunities.

Participating exhibitors include:

Tour 3: IoT Connectivity

Gartner forecasts that there will be 20.8 billion connected devices in use across the world by 2020. Experience cutting-edge IoT solutions in action and see how they act as driving forces in building a truly smart city. Explore and learn how these innovative technologies are affecting the way of life.

Participating exhibitors include:

Clestra Hauserman
Tour 4: Disruptive Innovators

With the rapid advancements in the industry, businesses are always on the look-out to reinvent themselves and adopt the latest technologies to stay ahead. Looking to invest in the next emerging technology? Join the tour and hear directly from upcoming players in AR/VR, FinTech and Robotics!

Participating exhibitors include:

ambi climate
Cradle - Creating, Leading, Startups.
Quantum Inventions - mobility Intelligence
Tour 5: Satellite Tour by IRG

At the Interference Mitigation Tour held by the Satellite Interference Group, attendees will be given practical advice and guidance on the tools and technologies available to reduce satellite interference. Industry experts will discuss how to minimise its effect, as well as ways to prevent it occurring in the first place. Although satellite interference continues to be a significant issue for the industry, advancements in technology are making it increasingly possible that satellite interference can be beaten, it’s up to those in the industry to utilise them correctly.

This year’s tour will showcase a number of cutting-edge technology innovations that enable the resolution of interference in a matter of minutes. Each exhibitors will have an expert on hand to discuss that part of the puzzle in detail. Participants will learn how interference can be resolved, what practical steps they can take, and what new technologies are available to help.

Participating exhibitors include:

Eutelsat Communications
Global VSAT Forum - Satellite. Solutions. The World.
Work Microwave

Customised Self-Guided Trails

Interested in having a tour for a specific technology that is not covered in our Theme Guided Technology Tours? If you have a group of 8 or more, let us know your chosen technology and we will prepare a self-guided trail for you with the below information provide that will help your tour:

  • List of Exhibitors and their stand numbers of your chosen technology
  • A marked floor plan which will show you exactly the route that you should be taking

Contact Evelyn Tan at  for more information on the customised self-guided tour.