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Knowledge-Sharing Sessions by Industry Experts @ Xperience Zone – Basement 2

Networking and learning opportunities abound at the Xperience Zone. Connect with exhibitors and media while learning about cutting-edge technologies that are taking the ICT industry by storm. Xperience Zone is THE place to learn more about new innovations and build new partnerships.

Day 1 – 23 May 2017
Exhibitor Spotlights
Time Topic Speaker
11.00 – 11.15am FTTH Solution, FTTH Equipment, GPON, EPON, Passive items Alice Wang – Overseas Sales Manager, BC-Optic
11.15 – 11.30am Seamless Smart City Network Modelling for LoRA Mesh and LTE Network Yahya Khaled – Spectrum Engineer, ATDI
11.30 – 11.45am Content Piracy. More than ever a Moving Target Fueled by Ubiquitous Broadband Networks Simon Trudelle – Senior Product Marketing Director, Nagra
11.45 – 12.00pm Single plane of glass monitoring Andrew Timms – Sales Manager APAC, Paessler
12.00 – 12.15pm Conduct Forensic Analysis in Security-as-a-service environment Lesley Tai – Regional Engineer APAC, Savvius
12.15 – 12.30pm Case Studies: How to Optimize and Monetize Your Wireless Network Chris Chang – Manager, Business Development SEA Region, Altai Technology
12.30 – 12.45pm IoT Everywhere Roger Bay – VP, Smart Connectivity, Addvalue
12.45 – 1.00pm Next Generation Cable Network Architectures Jeff Leung – Senior Director Product Management, Casa Systems
1.00 – 1.15pm IoT Platforms specific to Device Management Shaun Rossiter – Vice President, Axiros APAC
1.15 – 1.30pm The Impact of Good Sound on Business Rob Klegon – Manager, Global Product Management, Shure
Product Launches @ CommunicAsia / EnterpriseIT2017!
1.30 – 1.45am Mobility & IoT management – Deploying Business Transformative Apps without the Complexities Faizan Mirza – Regional Director, Sales, Soti
1.45 – 2.00pm PPHook: a Self-Organizing Network (SON) for Internet of Everything Giels Chen – Principal Engineer, MoreLink
2.00 – 2.15pm FTTB/FTTH Ultra-broadband Access network Peter Jiang – Vice President, Marketing, Luster
2.15 – 2.30pm Converging Timing and Transport in the Backhaul: the Falcon-MX Shamir Stein – CEO, FibroLAN
2.30 – 2.45pm Open Networking Evolution – The Advanced Solutions for Cloud Data Centers, Telecom Service Provider Networks, and Enterprise SDNs Tee Hong Yee – Technical Manager, Edgecore
2.45 – 3.00pm High Resiliency IIoT Wireless Communications – BRINGING THE PROMISE OF A CONNECTED WORLD TO LIFE. Nantha Kumar Manoharan – Sales Director – Asia, Cambium Networks
3.00 – 3.15pm Outlook of Enhancing the Competitiveness of China’s Optical & Wire Cable Industries Wu Jian – Deputy General Manager, Hengtong Optic-Electric
3.15 – 3.30pm Advanced Security Solution – NSTV SecureMax Zhang Jing – Chief Architect, NSTV
3.30 – 3.45pm Ready for Precision Time Protocol (PTP) Jose M. Caballero-Artigas – General Manager, Albedo Telecom
3.45 – 4.00pm New Generation Satellite Serving Future Communication Needs Tommy Ng – Sales Director, AsiaSat
Day 2 – 24 May 2017
Enterprise Mobility
Time Topic Speaker
11.00 – 11.15pm Bypassing Mobile Security Apps – the Myths and the Reality of Mobile Security Jonathan Livneh – VP Marketing, Inpedio
11.15 – 11.30am Services that makes a Difference Grant Barnes – Director of Service – APAC, Eltek
11.30 – 11.45am Analysis and Troubleshoot of Cloud Computing with Insight Lesley Tai – Regional Engineer APAC, Savvius
11.45 – 12.00pm Introducing GT Notify SMS Notification System for SME Robin Luo – Founder & General Manager, Grep Tech
12.00 – 12.15pm The Challenges of Integrating Technology with Human Behaviour and Business Needs Rob Klegon – Manager, Global Product Management, Shure
12.15 – 12.30pm So, What Now? Life After App Install Emmanuel Allix – CEO of Art of Click, Xurpas
12.30 – 12.45pm Smartphone Virtualization Technology Tzi-Cker Chiueh – Vice President & Gen. Director, ITRI
12.45 – 1.00pm Mobility & IoT management – How Real-Time Diagnostics and Remote Support Capabilities removes the Complexity of Mobile Support Challenges Faizan Mirza – Regional Sales Director, Soti
1.00 – 1.15pm Establish Stable and Secure Mobile Network for your Business Kenneth Chau – Senior Vice President, Global Enterprise, uCloudlink Network
1.15 – 1.30pm Break  
Exhibitor Spotlights
1.30 – 1.45pm How to Better Know your Smartphone User Tzi-Cker Chiueh – Vice President & Gen. Director, ITRI
1.45 – 2.00pm Enabling operators to deliver 4K UHD and HDR content without worrying about piracy Simon Trudelle – Senior Product Marketing Director, Nagra
2.00 – 2.15pm Benefits of using Short Distance RF over Fibre in Teleports Marc Ashton – International Sales Manager, ETL Systems
2.15 – 2.30pm The Next Generation Inverters for Power Backup and Resilience Wald Kerschot – Regional Sales Director – APAC & China, CE+T Power
2.30 – 2.45pm Holistic Intelligent Cities David Horn – Director Product Marketing, IPgallery
2.45 – 3.00pm Automation, Analytics and AI in an Interconnected World Vincent M. Remo – AVP for Business Development, Advanced World Solutions
3.00 – 3.15pm Mapping User Journeys in a Digital World: A Primer on Data-Driven Advertising Emmanuel Allix – CEO of Art of Click, Xurpas
3.15 – 3.30pm Dealing With Cellular Dead Zones: It’s Dead Simple! Keith Liu – Managing Director, Wilson Electronics
3.30 – 3.45pm Understanding the Different Types of Cloud James MacKenzie – Solution Architect, OVH
3.45 – 4.00pm Connected City: New Spectrum, New Opportunities Vasudevan Venkatakrishnan – Business Development Director, APAC, Ruckus Wireless
Day 3 – 25 May 2017
OTT / SatComm
Time Topic Speaker
11.15 – 11.30am Commercializing NFV: virtual CPE (vCPE) as a First Step Yochai Barak – APAC Acting General Manager, Rad
11.30 – 11.45am Low Earth Orbit (LEO) SatComm: New Challenges & Solutions Ronen Sadan – AVP Products, NovelSat
11.45 – 12.00pm Satellite Backhaul – The Other Side of the Coin Dietmar Riedel – Manager / Business Development & Sales, ND Satcom
12.00 – 12.15pm Rapid Deployment & Maintenance of Satcom Networks Alvaro Sánchez – Sales Director, Integrasys
12.15 – 12.30pm SIECAMS® Hans Martin Steiner – Product Manager & Business Development, Siemens
12.30 – 12.45pm Satellite Mobile Antenna in Communications Jonathan Lee – Director of Sales – Asia Pacific, C-COM Satellite Systems
12.45 – 1.00pm Why we need to look to the skies to help deliver the Internet of Things on earth Shoji Koike – Director, Enterprise Sector Development, APAC, Inmarsat
1.00 – 1.15pm Solutions for Legal, Sustainable and Productive fishing K.Kalaivanan – VP, Solutions Platform, Addvalue
1.15 – 1.30pm New Content Distribution Solution for Asia Rajdeepsinh Gohil – Sales Director, AsiaSat
Broadband / Exhibitor Spotlights
1.30 – 1.45pm Break
1.45 – 2.00pm Introduction of cutting-edge DOCSIS-based products Warren Kao – Manager, Hitron
2.00 – 2.15pm Simply the Best-In-Class Wireless Solution Amit Arazi – Marketing Director, WaveIP
2.15 – 2.30pm Mobile Broadband – getting the Backhual right Shamir Stein – CEO, FibroLAN
2.30 – 2.45pm Innovative 60Ghz Wireless Cloud Solutions from IgniteNet Enco Liew – Vice President of IgniteNet, Edgecore
2.45 – 3.00pm Solve Real World Intereference Problems with Lab Performance Martin Meisenburg – Director International Sales and Marketing, Narda
3.00 – 3.15pm Connect the Unconnected; People, Places and Things Nantha Kumar Manoharan – Sales Director – Asia, Cambium Networks
3.15 – 3.30pm e-Cook DRM: Opens e-Book Streaming DRM Technology Shin Sung Bin – Manager, Technical Planning, DRM inside
3.30 – 3.45pm Server Security and FOSS Compliance Kang Yoo Jeong – Team Manager, Strategic Marketing, LSware
3.45 – 4.00pm Enhanced Internal Information Leakage Threat! DLP is Evolving Smartly Chung Dong-Hae – Team manager, Technical Service Division, WaterWall Systems

Participating exhibitors include:

AWS - Advanced World Solutions
Axiros GmbH
BC Optics
Beijing Novel Super Digital
Cambium Networks
Casa Systems
CET Power
DRM Inside
ITRI - Industrial Technology Research Insitute
IP Gallery
Narda Safety Test Solutions
ND Satcom
OVH - Innovation is Freedom
prtg network
Telco Systems
Wilson Electronics
Xurpas Enterprise