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Hospitality Suites


Engage in high-level meetings, attend specially curated sessions, demos and trainings with exhibitors at the Hospitality Suites. Be invited to these private suites and network with the hosts.

Meet with these companies who will be taking up Hospitality Suites at CommunicAsia2017:


CDNetworks is a global content delivery network (CDN) with a fully integrated cloud security solution, offering unparalleled speed, security and reliability for the almost instant delivery of web content. Optimised for any device, browser and network, CDNetworks ensure all users have a fast and safe web experience – whether consumers are serving B2B or B2C customers, mobile employees or remote offices.

CDNetworks accelerates and secures websites and web applications over the company’s strategically built network of global PoPs in both established and emerging markets. CDNetworks specialise in those parts of the world where keeping a website accessible is most difficult: Mainland China, South East Asia and the Middle East. No matter where and which device is being used, the company’s in-country experts can advise the licensing requirements and regulations to deliver the best web experience to users.

Since 2000, CDNetworks have been providing users with exceptional customer services and support, thanks to the teams of dedicated tech engineers located across the globe. Businesses with an international web presence trust CDNetworks to protect customer’s websites, web applications and cloud services.

CDNetworks has offices located in Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, the UK, Germany and the US.

Meet them at their suite – Level 4, Peony 4410A/B

Gilat is a leading provider of products and services for satellite-based broadband communications. Gilat develops and markets high-performance satellite ground segment equipment and VSATs, SOTM solutions providing low-profile antennas, next generation SSPAs and modems. Gilat also provides managed network services via its subsidiaries in the USA, Peru and Colombia.

Meet them at their suite – Level 4, Orchid 4201B


View live product demonstrations, play with all products, learn about new products, meet the Grandstream team and get trained on the new GWN series networking products at Grandstream’s Hospitality Suite at CommunicAsia (Melati 4001A).

Meet them at their suite – Level 4, Melati 4001A

Greenwave Systems

Greenwave Systems is a global software and managed services company for the Internet of Things (IoT) dedicated to empowering market-leading brands to profitably deploy user’s managed services and products, foster deeper customer relationships and grow businesses. Mobile carriers, telecommunications operators, semiconductor manufacturers, utilities and service providers use Greenwave’s AXON Platform to safely integrate data and communications from a variety of digital protocols and swiftly create vanguard IoT and M2M services via managed networks.

RSVP with Greenwave below to visit Greenwave’s Hospitality Suite at Melati 4101A to experience the AXON Platform and learn how to use voice, gesture and predictive edge analytics to control and gain better insight. The AXON Platform is feature-rich and demonstrates key concepts to monetizing:

  • Industrial IoT: Learn the power of prediction and see how edge analytics can help visualize and respond to critical maintenance issues in real-time.
  • Commercial IoT: Discover premium services with an AXON Platform managed network connected across a mobile infrastructure.
  • Consumer IoT: See how a consumer IoT network can be conversational. Use the power of voice to command & control devices on the AXON Platform.

Meet them at their suite – Level 4, Melati 4101A


Internet of Things (IoT) is the core of many businesses today, verticals are embracing IoT services on Cloud to achieve All Things Connected. Huawei establishes and promotes edge-computing IoT solution, enabling digital transformation in an open, innovative, and collaborative IoT ecosystem. Join Huawei in exploring endless possibilities and collaborations now.

Meet them at their suite – Level 4, Melati 4110


Irdeto is the world leader in digital platform security, protecting platforms and applications across multiple industries, such as media & entertainment, payments and automotive. Irdeto solutions and services enable customers to protect revenue, create new offerings and fight cybercrime.

With nearly 50 years of expertise in security, Irdeto’s software security technology and cyber services protect over 5 billion devices and applications for some of the world’s best known brands.

At CommunicAsia 2017, Irdeto sets up a comfortable hospitality suite with the demonstration of the most advanced Irdeto 360 security solutions. Find the right solution to protect the business and be supported by Irdeto for Studio, Sport Right Holders, Broadcaster or OTT Operators.

Meet them at their suite – Level 4, Lotus – 4A/B

O3b Networks
O3b Networks will be at Lotus 4D meeting room, Level 4. O3bMarket Solutions for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) has helped speed the transition to and launch of 3G & 4G/LTE mobile broadband services and applications in virtually any location throughout the APAC region. MNOs are today leveraging O3b’s globally managed network services to provide bandwidth on-demand for core networks, trunking, and mobile backhaul.

Meet them at their suite – Level 4, Lotus 4D


Technicolor, a worldwide technology leader in the media and entertainment sector, is at the forefront of digital innovation. The world class research and innovation laboratories enable Technicolor to lead the market in delivering advanced video services to content creators and distributors. The exhibitor also benefit from an extensive intellectual property portfolio focused on imaging and sound technologies. The commitment: supporting the delivery of exciting new experiences for consumers in theaters, homes and on-the-go.

Join Technicolor at CommunicAsia 2017 to see how Technicolor is pushing the boundaries of the entertainment experience in the home by:

  • Ultra-Broadband – The next-gen technologies and products to deliver access speeds and bandwidth for the most immersive content.
  • Wi-Fi Services – Building intelligent networks that optimize Wi-Fi efficiency and performance while reducing costs for operators.
  • Amazon Leap – Creating an intuitive, seamless and friction-less home network solutions with Amazon Web Services.
  • OTT – Unifying OTT content seamlessly by leveraging the in-home video and Android TV expertise.
  • Socializing Immersive Experiences – Socializing immersive experiences by taking virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) to the next level. Technicolor is expanding VR from single-user to multi-user experience, and demonstrating its expertise in AR by presenting a Mixed Reality environment.
  • Advanced HDR by Technicolor – Facilitating the delivery of HDR for the most stunning video experience at home – Follow us:

Meet them at their suite – Level 4, Melati 4010A/B

Other company taking up the Hospitality Suites include:

Hughes - An EchoStar Company