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Media FAQs


When and where will CommunicAsia2017 be held?

CommunicAsia2017 will be held at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, from 23 – 25 May 2017

What are the opening hours of CommunicAsia2017?

The exhibition is open from 10.30am to 6.00pm daily from 23 – 25 May 2017

Is CommunicAsia the same as BroadcastAsia?

Each event is distinct in its branding and identity.

CommunicAsia is where the business of technology comes to life, providing a global platform for showcasing the convergence of the latest digital technologies across mobile networks and applications, network infrastructure and satellite communications.

EnterpriseIT showcases the latest dedicated solutions for vertical industries such as banking, logistics, healthcare, education, transportation and government. Where IT meets business, the event presents the latest applications for the smart enterprise.

BroadcastAsia is the region’s leading multimedia and entertainment technology event that presents the latest in digital and interactive media, covering the entire value chain of content creation, management, and distribution.

Registered members of the media are able to access CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia with their press badge.

Why the switch to a three-day show?

As organisers we actively seek and listen to feedback from our exhibitors and visitors, and strive to optimise the events to best serve them. Through regular engagement with our stakeholders, we are hearing that three days is the optimal amount of time for both exhibitors and visitors to fulfil their objectives of the show.

Why has BroadcastAsia moved to Suntec Singapore?

During the 2011 and 2012 editions of the show, BroadcastAsia was held at Suntec while CommunicAsia was held at Marina Bay Sands. BroadcastAsia subsequently moved to Marina Bay Sands in 2013 when Suntec Singapore underwent renovations.

With renovation complete, BroadcastAsia’s move back to Suntec Singapore will give both BroadcastAsia and CommunicAsia the room to grow, to provide more and better offerings for all our attendees.

Will there be a Media Centre and press lounge at Suntec Singapore?

Yes there will be a Media Centre and press lounge at both Suntec Singapore and Marina Bay Sands respectively.

Will there be shuttle busses between the two venues?

Yes continuous shuttle service between Suntec Singapore and MBS will be provided at an estimated frequency of 15 mins intervals.

Where will the Opening Ceremony be held?

The Opening Ceremony will be held at Marina Bay Sands, but the VIP tour will span both venues.

Who is the organiser of CommunicAsia?

CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia are organised by Singapore Exhibition Services Pte Ltd.

Set up in 1976, Singapore Exhibition Services has established itself as one of the most innovative and respected exhibition and conference organisers in Asia. A pioneer in the Singapore exhibition industry, the company’s events have served as important platforms for companies aiming to forge new business contacts in Asia.

The company continually develops new events to meet market needs and now has a portfolio of international tradeshows in various industries:

  • Communications: BroadcastAsia, CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT, Broadcast Indonesia, Communic Indonesia
  • Lifestyle: FHA-Food&HotelAsia, Food&HotelVietnam, ProWine ASIA
  • Engineering: OgmTech, OSEA – The Oil & Gas Event, SUBSEA ASIA, Oil & Gas Myanmar
  • Machinery: Manufacturing Myanmar, MetrologyAsia, MTA – Manufacturing Technology Asia, MTA HANOI, MTA VIETNAM
  • Mining, Construction & Building: Mining Vietnam
  • Plastics & Rubber: Plastics & Rubber Vietnam
  • Processing & Packaging: Propak Vietnam

Singapore Exhibition Services’s events consistently attract a high level of overseas participation with foreign exhibitors accounting for almost 80% of the show floor. The company is a member of Allworld Exhibitions Alliance, a global network with over 50 offices worldwide. For more information, please visit


When and where will the CommunicAsia2017 Summit be held?

The CommunicAsia2017 Summit will be held at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. More details will be available at the conference section of this website from February 2017.

Where can I find the CommunicAsia2017 Summit programme?

Details on the CommunicAsia2017 Summit will be available at the conference section of this website from February 2017.

How do I find out more about the conference speakers?

The speaker lineup will be available from February 2017. Details are available at the conference section of this website.

How do I obtain a copy of the conference proceedings?

Conference proceedings will be made available to all registered media via a ftp site during CommunicAsia2017. Details will be provided in the media kits given to press at registration.


Is admission to the exhibition and conference free to members of the media?

Admission to the exhibition and conference is free to all registered members of the media.*

* Please note that press badges are only issued to editorial staff including bureau chiefs, editorial publishers, correspondents, editors, journalists, producers, web journalists, accredited camera and video crew, etc.

Freelance camera crew, writers, photographers and writers must present proof of assignment by accredited media outlet.

Press badges will not be issued to non-editorial staff including analysts, CEOs, VPs, general managers, managing directors, sales, marketing, media managers, public relations and promotions representatives. This list is not exhaustive and we may refuse admission at our discretion.

How do I obtain a press badge to cover the event?

Online press registration for the exhibition and associated events starts in February 2017. To register online for a press badge, please fill in and submit the online form here. You can collect your press badge from the press reception desk at the Media Centre during the exhibition. Please bring along your business card for verification purposes.

What areas of access will the press badge get me?

Your press badge grants you access to the CommunicAsia / EnterpriseIT and BroadcastAsia exhibitions, as well as all the associated conferences and events. This includes the CommunicAsia Summit, BroadcastAsia International Conference and Creative Content Production Conference.

Will I have access to BroadcastAsia with my press badge, or do I have to register again?

You will not have to register again. Your press badge will also grant you access to the BroadcastAsia Exhibition, BroadcastAsia International Conference and Creative Content Production Conference.

If I am heading directly to the Opening Ceremony on the first day of the exhibition, must I collect my press badge from the Media Centre first?

If you intend to attend the opening ceremony, please email Patricia Yee to RSVP. Your press badge will be available for collection at the press registration counter at the Opening Ceremony venue. Press kits and opening ceremony speeches will also be available at this counter.

What services will I get as a registered member of the media?

As a registered member of the media, the following services and facilities will be available to you:

  • Updates on the event
  • Use of the Media Centre during the exhibition, which provides:
    • Media registration and badge collection
    • Media kits, conference proceedings and show catalogue (depending on stock availability)
    • Exhibitors’ press releases and event information
    • Interview rooms to conduct your one-on-ones, subject to availability
    • Press working area
    • Professional taken photographs
    • Public relations executives to assist in contacting exhibitors and other key officials for interviews
    • Refreshments throughout the day
Where will I get the audio / visual / computer equipment and services I need to file stories during the event?

A press working room equipped with computers, printers and Internet access will be available to registered members of the media. Power points and LAN points (for Internet access) are also available for the use of personal laptop computers.

Should the need for additional electronic equipment arise, the media are to obtain them at their own discretion and cost.

How much will the equipment and services cost?

Only equipment to facilitate communication and filing of stories (listed above) will be provided for free. Any additional equipment and services rendered will be borne by the media.

How do I obtain photographs of the event?

Digital photographs of the event will be available the day after for download at a dedicated computer terminal in the press working room.

I'm coming from out-of-town to cover the event. Where can I stay?

Details are available at the Travel and Accommodation section of this website.

How do I get to the event?

Please click here for travel information and location map.

Who do I liaise with at the event?

Public Relations Executives and organiser staff will be available on-site for enquires and assistance. Should you require more information, please contact our Public Relations department here.

How do I arrange to interview someone at Singapore Exhibition Services?

Please contact our Public Relations department here for interview requests.

I would like to contact an exhibitor for an interview. How can I do that?

This can also be arranged by contacting our Public Relations department.

Where can I find news releases about the event?

Press releases are available online on the press releases section of the CommunicAsia2017 website. These press releases are also emailed to the media. You may subscribe to this service by writing to Patricia Yee with your contact details

Press releases submitted by exhibitors are available on the of the CommunicAsia2017 website.

I would like to be informed of the latest news and updates about the event. How can I do so?

Our mailing list provides updates and the latest news on all things related to CommunicAsia2017. Should you wish to sign up for this list, please click here.


Where is the venue of the exhibitor press conferences held at CommunicAsia2017?

Venue and schedule of exhibitors’ press conferences will be provided in May 2017.

What is imbX all about?

About the Infocomm Media Business Exchange – imbX


The Infocomm Media Business Exchange (imbX) is Asia’s largest infocomm and media business platform that brings together business leaders, companies and industry professionals to showcase their latest innovations, network, exchange ideas and tap new markets. The stakeholders in imbX are Singapore Exhibition Services (SES), Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) and Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA). imbX incorporates CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia, EnterpriseIT and a host of complementary events. For further information on imbX, please visit