Smart Cities

icon_smartcities_dkgreyThe notion of smart cities is no longer an idea, but a reality. Advancements in technology have made it possible for cities, even the rural and less-developed ones, although it may not manifest in a similar way. For example, Residents of Hubli, a fast-growing city in India, face unpredictable water supply and hence receive alerts when clean water is available.
Various aspects in city operations have become interlinked and integrated to provide its residents a seamless qexperience as they work, live and play. Join in the gathering of more than 31,000 attendees as they share their thoughts and set future collaboration plans in motion.

Upcoming Smart Cities in Asia

  • New Delhi, Chennai, Jaipur + 97 more cities in India
  • Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta + 12 more cities in Indonesia
  • Bandaragama, Kadawatha, Kottawa + 6 more towns in Sri Lanka
  • Phuket and Chiang Mai in Thailand
  • Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

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Covering the hottest issues:

  • Differentiating Green Field Cities and Brown Field Cities
  • Fostering a Culture of Data Sharing and Analytics in the Interconnected City
  • Encrypting Cities Through Integrated Security – Safeguarding from Manifestation of Threats and Cyberattacks
  • Intelligent Urban Transportation – Bringing Integrated Mobility to Your City
  • Advancing Cities of the Future with Smart Energy Management
  • Making Mobile Accessible – Developing Interconnectivity Models for Smart Gigabit Communities

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