Security & Cyber-Security

icon_cybersecurity_redWith the interconnectedness of devices set to deepen and become increasingly complicated, defending the data and enabling the security of end-users will be a challenge for telecom operators and enterprises alike. Other than increasing investments in security & cyber-security, companies must first analyse the risk to the business in order to craft a solid security strategy.

Essential steps to defining your security strategy

  • Increase the cost to the attacker
  • Deploy passive scanning solutions for full visibility
  • Embrace the cloud while deploying a unified risk management platform
  • Monitor your own network to detect internal threats

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Covering the hottest issues:

  • Case Studies and Lessons Learnt: Current Threats, Appropriate Defenses for Now and the Future
  • How and why is the Internet of Things (IoT) Set to Change Security Priorities
  • Addressing the Security Concerns of Hybrid Cloud

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