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icon_connecteverywhere_redOTT digital giants and new start-ups are shaking up the communications industry. These new communication alternatives have taken a share of revenues and profit margins away from communication service providers (CSPs). At Connect Everywhere, witness the newest in OTT,AR/VR and other content delivery methods / solutions.

How can CSPs turn this around and clock positive growth figures?

They are armed with the size, scale, market trust and brand to seize a portion of the new markets arising from the emerging ecosystems. Based on Telecom Asia’s research, CSPs in 2020 will emerge as providers progress along two digital service axes – the digital services provider (DSP) and the digital services enabler (DSE). In order for CSPs to fully evolve, rapid changes need to be made to their business models.

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Covering the hottest issues:

  • Disrupting the Disruptors: Becoming More Mobile-Compatible and Competitive with New Market Players
  • Bridging Artificial Intelligence and Real Intelligence
  • Supporting the Widespread Growth of Content Consumption, Accessibility and Applications Support With Mobile Anywhere

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