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icon_borderlessbroadband_redA reliable and fast internet connection has become integral as an economy’s infrastructure. For the broadband sector, fibre infrastructure has finally overtaken DSL technologies to be the largest network across the world. To bring internet access to the undeveloped and rural areas, tech giants such as Google, have piloted initiatives such as Project Loon that intends to marry satellite communications and broadband technology. To date, the project has signed a deal to test its internet-beaming balloons with the three largest wireless carriers in Indonesia and is in talks with the Indian government.

Why Asia?

  • Developing markets spread across diverse terrain
  • National broadband plans across most countries, as they strive to raise internet penetration rates for the development of a digital economy
  • Race to remain competitive. Other than Singapore (1st) and Malaysia (31st), Thailand (62nd), Indonesia (73rd) and Philippines (77th), lag behind in terms of Network Readiness, based on a 139-country study published by the World Economic Forum.

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Covering the hottest issues:

  • Beyond Breaking Even – How Can You Devise the Right 4G LTE Monetisation Strategy?
  • Trailblazing the 5G Story – What Are the Lessons We Can Learn?
  • Managing the Data-Hungry World: Is Cellular Backhaul Adapting As Quickly As It Should Be?
  • The Changing Façade of Operators: Growing Outreach and Footprint From Single Play to Multi-Play Capabilities
  • Leapfrogging into the Digital Business – Crafting Services that Matters the New Age Connected User
  • It’s a Corporate Rat Race: Gaining a Stronger Foothold through Value Added Services with Integrated Business Attributes

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